Dog Mountina

Chamber Dinner Meeting

Dog Mountain

Join us for our first Chamber Dinner Meeting in two years! Our last in-person Chamber event was held just days prior to things shutting down to flatten the curve. That event was held at the Golden Dragon restaurant on March 13/2020, an event that attracted about 50 people for a wonderful lunch. And then.....things flattened.

Our business community was forced to close their doors for what was initially thought would be a couple of weeks but here we are some couple of years later, and while we are open, things are much different than we'd have ever imagined. Our dinner meeting planned for February 22/22, or 02.22.22 will feature one of our hardest hit sectors along with a business that was in many ways overlooked for most of Canada's support programs. This business had only opened to the public a few months prior to 2020 thus they were not able to meet the typical sales loss criteria that the various support programs insisted upon. Oddly, just like any business with its doors open to the public this business - Dog Mountain Brewing did have expenses; lots of expenses. The proprietors - Andy and Robin invested heavily in advance of opening so that they could open yet that wasn't considered good enough for the decision makers. Putting it more bluntly all should remember that the 'Income and Expense Statement' consists of both the 'income' and the 'expenses' to generate such income.

This event will showcase businesses like Andy's/Robin's where they are best suited to tell their story. Along with this most resilient couple, who during the pandemic have won a National Award, we'll hear from other business owners who've faced their own challenges during these most unforgiving times.

Our event will provide us with more insight but it will also help us understand the obstacles and challenges faced by many. With luck we'll all learn so that in future years if similar challenges surface we'll have a better approach at the onset so that we can stabilize our business community and people behind it quickly, effectively and with as little pain as possible.

We'll wrap up the evening with a short presentation on the merits of Group Insurance Plans for today's employers, many of whom are now faced with unprecedented employment challenges as they rebound from the effects of the past 24 months.

Oh and the food will be very good! So will the beer.